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Leeser-Rosenthal/Juda Palache-lectures


The Leeser Rosenthal/Juda Palache lecture was an annual lecture by an internationally renowned researcher of Jewish studies.  The lecture was named after Juda Lion Palache (1886-1944), the first Jewish professor of Judies studies at the University of Amsterdam and Leeser Rosenthal (1794-1868), the name giver of the Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana.


The lectures were organised in cooperation with the chair in Hebrew and Jewish studies at the University of Amsterdam (known as the Juda Palache Institute) and the Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana, and were published in a brochure.  The audience used tp receive a copy of this brochure.  The brochures of the last two lectures appeared as the two first volumes in the Menasseh ben Israel Institute Studies series.